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Salsa at the Chapel!


Join us for a friendly and intimate setting of group dance classes held on Friday nights at the little White Chapel in Chilliwack.

Learn to dance Salsa, a popular Latin American dance known for its flirtatious moves and fast spins to exhilarating Cuban rhythms.

Start: Friday, June 15, 2018. 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

    Duration:  ongoing - weekly (5-week segments). No classes on June 22+29 and July 6, 2018!

Location: 42415 Adams Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4K9

Cost: $60 for 5 consecutive weekly lessons. Drop-in $15.

Please wear light clothing as you will work a sweat. A small towel may come handy. Shoes should not have a soft rubber sole that would hinder you from swiveling while trying to turn.

Level: All levels welcome!

Here a few details about the classes:

My mission is to ensure everybody in the class is learning something new and/or improving their dance skills and have a lot of fun in the process.

Our group is relatively small allowing us to build friendships, which again makes it more fun. The venue is semi-private and its owners are part of the group, so we can usually socialize and/or practice what we have learned after the lesson.

With 20 years of teaching Salsa within the Lower Mainland, I aim to give my students what they need and when they need it in each class, so students can make requests at any time. So our program is quite flexible - but generally follows a long list of moves I have developed, that can be led and followed with different partners.

As a general guide line for each class the first half includes review of basic steps and improvement of technique in footwork, hip - and body movement, review of basic patterns and leading techniques. The second half of the class is dedicated to longer more challenging routines with details on fool-proof leading and following techniques for each pattern change. Students of different levels can choose to learn and use all or just some of the parts of the routine, depending on their level and personal preference.

Although you will dance with the same partner for most of the lesson, after a particular pattern has been studied we may do a few quick partner changes in a row to accomplish repetition and fine-tune our leads.

Regarding Fees:

I recommend you bring the full amount of $60 in cash to the first lesson, even if you intend to drop-in first! This way you can pay the difference at the end of the class to avoid the slightly higher pro-rate in the next class. This will also secure your spot in the class, should the group get too big for the venue. On the other hand should we require more registrations to run the class, this will add to the number of participants signed up and help us reach the minimum.

Advance Payment Options using secure PayPal:


Please keep in touch:

Class members usually let me know in advance by text/call if they are planning to come to the first lesson, or after that whenever they are not able to come to a class. To achieve the most benefit to my students I use my discretion to postpone lessons that most of the students cannot attend.

Please let me know in advance If you are planning to join the class without a dance partner, so I can try to organize one.

If you have any more questions or wish to register, please call me at my cell phone at 604-584-7874.

See you on the dance floor! - Cheers,